Vexilla Florum

In a nod to the peaceful work of women, Los Angeles artist Karen Hochman Brown’s solo exhibition, Vexilla Florum, at LAAA is a mixed-media and multi-media presentation incorporating diverse processes such as handcrafting and digital photo-manipulation.

A vexillum is a flag and, as something that can be seen from far away, it was an early form of communication, a way to direct troops or identify a faction. Flags are relics of war. Hochman Brown has created vexilla standards using floral motifs that pay homage to the flower children of the sixties, who promoted their power through gentle acts. The pieces are a remembrance of the women who constructed the flags of war while maintaining peace at home.

In Hochman Brown’s Vexilla Florum, her digital practice combines with handcrafting to present feminine pennants of peace adorned with laser-cut ornamentation. The mixed media work is supplemented with animations that put the fabric and floral components into poetic motion.

This animation of flowers on parade accompanied the installation.