Cloud Renewal

A solo exhibition at Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA — September 23 to October 28, 2023

Karen Hochman Brown created the work in Cloud Renewal during a period of sheltering in place in response to the need for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. With plans for the foreseeable future canceled, the artist sought solace in the world of photography. An extensive collection of images, captured during what once felt like normal life, was used to reconnect with the outside world.

As a photography-based artist, Hochman Brown approaches her craft with precision and intent. The passion lies in chronicling some of nature’s most captivating elements, with a particular focus on flowers, waves, and clouds. Whether sourced from remote journeys or familiar locales, these images serve as pivotal points in her portfolio, emphasizing a commitment to elevating everyday natural wonders into art forms. This endeavor challenges observers to perceive the world through a more discerning lens. The artist employs distortion, reflection, and merging techniques on these images, resulting in the creation of otherworldly vistas. Viewers are invited to join the artist in an altered reality of beauty and symmetry.

The initial pieces created were expansive explorations of an unbounded sky adorned with flowers. The titles of these pieces indicate the locations where the cloud photographs were taken, with the flowers sourced from Hochman Brown’s own garden. These artworks are presented as lustrous face-mounted acrylic prints—deep and shiny, yet separated from the viewer behind a protective layer.

To further delve into a world that couldn’t be physically visited, the artist embarked on the creation of a mixed media series titled “In the Bubble.” Once more, the chosen subject matter was clouds from past travels. This project represented an opportunity for experimentation, particularly in mastering the techniques of resin. The glossy coverings and constructed bubble forms both encapsulate and separate the subject, adding depth to the exploration.

“In late 2020, my husband arranged for us to spend the winter in Kauai, Hawaii. Despite the continued uncertainties of life, this change brought a sense of grounding, inspiring further works. I brought my cloud panoramas down to where the sky meets the ocean and earth. I reimagined sunsets and sunrises, anchoring them to the horizon line, incorporating elements of local flowers. Reflective of the security on the island, I made the choice to present these works on wood panels and fabric tapestries, aligning them more harmoniously with the island’s relaxed ambiance.”

Hochman Brown’s animated artworks are also inspired by the Kauai residency. These two looping videos give the viewer an opportunity to relax and breathe with their rhythmic waves.

About Karen Hochman Brown

Karen Hochman Brown is a Los Angeles-based photographer using software to manipulate her photographic images. In her signature style, Hochman Brown bends nature photographs into multi-layered kaleidoscopic constructs. The work is sensitive to the inherent beauty of the subjects as she strives to magnify that quality through focus and repetition. The resulting geometric forms resonate in harmony and discord, creating unique energies. Other work includes a process she calls synthesized photography. The work is a collaboration between her vision and the possibilities available through the pallet of graphics software.

Hochman Brown studied art at Pitzer College, California College of Art and Art Center College of Design, but self-developed her processes through experimentation, relying heavily on skills learned as a graphic designer. Inspirations include Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, and René Magritte.

Hochman Brown has had solo shows with the Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH), The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA, Gallery 825 and TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, the California Center for Digital Art, Santa Ana, CA, The Gallery at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, CA, and at Yuma Art Center, Yuma, AZ.  She has participated in numerous group shows in the Los Angeles area and throughout the United States.

Cloud Renewal exhibits at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles from September 23 – October 28, 2023
Opening Reception: September 23, 2023, 10 am-5 pm
Artist Talk: October 21, 2023

Gallery 825
825 N La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90069
LAAA Gallery 825

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