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I was a bit of a math geek in high school but went on to study my other love, art. The allure of geometry never left me­­—the precision, the interconnectedness, the beauty, the logic. I was drawn to the graphic nature of computer art in 1984. This world married the flexibility of art and the precision of mathematics into a virtually unlimited paintbox. The computer has been tied to my artwork, and my life, ever since. I never looked back.”

PHOTOGRAPHY (manipulated)
Using the medium of photography, Hochman Brown translates nature through a digital lens. Her personal meditations take you inside a world of balance, patterns, and visual trickery. Many versions of a distorted and reflected image are woven together to create precise visual symphonies in the form of multi-layered mandalas. In a world of digital over-stimulation, the artist recognizes the irony of using the computer to create a peaceful, focused world.

In this body of work, Hochman Brown uses graphic synthesizer software to create custom virtual-paintbrushes. She adjusts settings of endless parameters that react to a visual reference. In these artworks, the references come from the artist’s photographs. Virtual brushstrokes are applied one by one based on information from the photograph, such as shape, color, orientation, and luminance. In this process, she is not limited to using photographs for reference and can venture into a world of totally algorithmic creations. Results can mimic natural painting styles or come off as purely graphic. In addition to 2-D prints, the artist processes images over time to develop animations.

The programs Hochman Brown uses have the ability to generate frames base on video reference. Inside the Animation Collection, you will find moving art pieces. They are mainly free-form and without any sort of plot. There is a celebration of form and movement in her time-based works.