New Work

Unspoken Word:  BEYOND

Unplug. Come with me to a place with no chatter. Join me in the clouds. 

This has been, to put it mildly, a challenging year. There is no need to enumerate the horrors and difficulties the whole planet is enduring in 2020. We are all living it together through the ever-present media that bombards us daily. It can suck to be an adult.

But what if I could lead you to a place of boundless imagination? Where the expansiveness of the sky is married to the delicate intimacy of flowers. I invite you to pause for a bit and rest in the details.

In my travels, I use my camera to document the beautiful and glorious aspects of Mother Nature. In my latest collection, these images are the basis for my digital exploration into a place beyond words. The worlds are a marriage of the expansiveness of the sky to the delicate intimacy of flowers.

When the realities of “sheltering in place” sunk in, I began traveling through memories of other times and places via my photographic archives. The cloud imagery comes from around the globe, from the sea to the mountain top. The flowers are from gardens closer to home. I mold the images using ArtMatic Designer by U&I Software, a modular graphics synthesizer program, to create distortions and reflections of my photographs. I finish my work using Adobe Photoshop to assemble and augment the layers into digital collages.

Because I work on a computer, the image I see is bright. There are pixels shining in my face as I create. As a result, I oftentimes choose to print my exhibition pieces on either aluminum or as digital prints laminated to a 1/4 inch sheet of acrylic. These substrates mimic the brightness I see on my monitor. I chose large-format acrylic prints for this exhibition to enhance the magnificence of the cloudscapes. The work floats on the wall without a frame. The polished edges of the acrylic reflect the encased artwork adding an extra illusion of depth.

Important Dates*:

  • Run Dates: 11/3/20 – 11/28/20, The gallery is open Tuesdays through Saturday from 11am-5pm.
  • Come see me at the gallery every Thursday* and Saturday during November, 1-4pm
  • Moderated artist talk: Wednesday, 11/18/2020, at 3pm on Instagram Live and Zoom

*I won’t be in on Thanksgiving 

For sales inquiries about the artwork, please contact TAG Gallery.

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