Artwork in Support of Direct Relief’s Maui Recovery

Acquire Artwork in Support of Direct Relief’s Maui Recovery

Support humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief’s vital Maui recovery work when you purchase Karen Hochman Brown’s captivating artwork. Currently on display in the back area of TAG Gallery, half of the sales price from each piece sold will be donated to Direct Relief’s efforts.

Included in her fund-raising efforts are the five manipulated photographs, shown below. Her mixed media banner, IGNUS, part of the “Fragile Planet” exhibition in the Sky Gallery upstairs, is also part of the effort.

Drawing inspiration from Maui’s scenic beauty, Hochman Brown’s photographic endeavors resonate with the island’s essence. Her commitment to giving back is channeled through Direct Relief, her chosen humanitarian charity based in her hometown Santa Barbara. They are consistently at the forefront of disaster relief efforts in the USA and around the globe. By investing in these artworks, you contribute not only to artistic appreciation, but to the ongoing recovery and support for those people affected by the catastrophe.

Arching and Uplifting Five
Surf at Honolua Bay - SOLD 🔴 - Prints still available!

About Direct Relief:

Amidst Maui’s recent wildfire crisis, Direct Relief swiftly mobilized to extend critical aid. Within hours, the organization delivered medical supplies, hygiene products, and essential equipment, aligning with local healthcare providers and emergency agencies to address urgent needs.

As Lahaina’s wildfires become a tragic Hawaiian milestone, claiming lives and structures, Direct Relief becomes a lifeline for evacuees. By offering medical essentials and coordinating search and rescue operations, the organization’s impact is profound.

Direct Relief ’s approach goes beyond immediate relief, acknowledging the health complexities wildfires introduce. Wildfire response kits, developed in consultation with medical and emergency-response experts, are part of the shipments and aim to prevent emergency room visits during significant wildfire events. The organization also ensures continuity for chronic patients, preventing treatment disruption during evacuation.

Direct Relief is a true partner in healing, exemplified by dispatching emergency medical backpacks at Maui Search and Rescue’s request. The dispersion of grants to community groups further showcases its comprehensive disaster strategy. Leaning on experience and local partnerships, Direct Relief demonstrates empathy, collaboration, and an acute understanding of disaster intricacies.