Portrait Project Submission


Be a part of Karen Hochman Brown’s Portrait Project!

In the Portrait Project, Karen Hochman Brown turns the visages of her subjects into unique digitally synthesized artworks. Using the model of a music synthesizer, the software Hochman Brown employs is able to read visual information from a photograph in the same way a music synthesizer interprets a series of notes. The artist creates custom virtual-paintbrushes, changing settings of endless parameters that react to the visual reference. Brushstrokes are applied one by one based on information such as shape, color, orientation and luminance. 

You are invited to submit a selfie to be part of this project.

Fill out the form below and upload a medium-sized image, please!

By submitting this photograph (photo) to the Portrait Project, you (model) are entering into an agreement with Karen Hochman Brown (artist) under the following terms:
The model has the legal right to share this photo. The copyright of the photo remains with the photographer.
The artist may use this photo to create artwork using the photo as reference. All rights to the photo remain unchanged and are not transferred to the artist. The artist will not share or publish the photo without written permission.
The artist will hold the copyright to the resulting artwork. The model holds no rights to the artwork whatsoever. The artist may use the artwork for any purpose, including but not limited to:  fine art prints, public exhibitions, demonstrations, books, catalogs, promotional use, social media posts, merchandise.
There is no fee for submitting a photo. Submitting a photo does not guarantee inclusion in the Portrait Project. If the artist selects your photo, you will be offered an opportunity to purchase a print, but this is not a requirement for submitting a photo.
Use this form to send your selfie.