Black and White in Color

“When the Macintosh computer came out thirty-nine years ago I fell in love and have collaborated with computers to make my art ever since. I appreciated how the computer brought mathematics and art together seamlessly. Each interaction with the computer and software presents a puzzle that my logic-loving mind adores. At first the tools were rudimentary. The pixel matrix was crude and each pixel was either black or white. The graphic software was basic and clunky. There was only one level of undo. It was over a decade until home computer graphics were able to produce in color. 

Eventually the software became sophisticated enough to create professional-level images. I discovered several programs that have become core to my practice. For this series, I input a visual reference image and the computer applies virtual brushstrokes to the “canvas.” I am at the helm developing brushes and control all aspects of appearance and application.

In my Black and White in Color (BWiC) series, I am returning to the world of greyscale, but with a twist. Using greyscale images of geometric figures as my source, I am letting the computer interpret the stark reference material into vivid colors by using a randomization factor and amping up the values.”