Photography (manipulated)

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Victoria Rose

Flowers & Dots

Surf And Clouds - Winged Warrior_artwork

Ocean Adjacent

Asparagus and Garbanzo

Fresh Harvest

Zombie Palm


The architecture of our brains was born from the same trial and error, the same energy principles, the same pure mathematics that happen in flowers and jellyfish and Higgs particles. Viewed in this way, our human aesthetic is necessarily the aesthetic of nature. Viewed in this way, it is nonsensical to ask why we find nature beautiful. Beauty and symmetry and minimum principles are not qualities we ascribe to the cosmos and then marvel at in their perfection. They are simply what is, just like the particular arrangement of atoms that make up our minds.
We are not observers on the outside looking in. We are on the inside too.” 

Alan Lightman, The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Knew