Sanctuary Of Magnolia Stamens

When the magnolia bloom opens, the stamens that surround the stigmas fall into the spoon of a petal, or they fall to the ground. By carefully cutting and moving a bloom into a controlled location, I am able to take long exposures for crisp details. The linear nature of the stamens create an almost architectural pattern when reflected. As I assembled the layers, I was reminded of Gothic arches and winged beings. There is a deeply reverent tone to the Sanctuary of Magnolia Stamens.

Sanctuary of Magnolia Stamens

Sanctuary Of Magnolia Stamens
Dye-sublimation Print
Aluminum Panel
20″ x 20″

Prints available

20″ x 20″ on aluminum
20″ x 20″ on paper
12″ x 12″ on paper

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