Passion Tendril Vessel

The odd form in the photograph shown below is a tangle of tendrils from a very healthy passion flower vine. The twining comes from at least two shoots of the plant. I took the photograph about fifteen years ago and have been occasionally playing with it since that time. Some of my recent work has been very busy with layers upon layers and I felt each individual “foundling” wasn’t getting its due. So I set upon this piece, bearing in mind that I wanted to honor the tranquil beauty of the main design by keeping the process minimal.

Passion Tendril Vessel

Passion Tendril Vessel
Dye-sublimation Print
Aluminum Panel
20″ x 20″

Prints available

20″ x 20″ on aluminum
20″ x 20″ on paper
12″ x 12″ on paper

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Base photograph for Passion Tendril Vessel

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