Parting The Water

When I visit family in Santa Barbara, I walk along my favorite beach early in the morning. The sun was peeking over a the cliff and highlighting some of the surf while keeping the shallows in an eerie shade. I was drawn to a tree that had fallen on the beach from the cliff above. When I started working with the image, I was instead attracted to the forms created by water and light. The largest star in the piece is taken from the blue/black churning water at the base of the tree. The only evidence of the algae covered tree can be seen in assorted green dots.

Parting The Water

Parting The Water
Dye-sublimation Print
Aluminum Panel
24″ x 24″

Prints available

24″ x 24″ on aluminum
20″ x 20″ on paper
12″ x 12″ on paper

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