Cherry Blossom

I had the pleasure to travel in Japan in early spring when the cherry trees were blossoming. The weather was not exactly our friend on this trip and we found ourselves either coming upon trees almost ready to burst into bloom in the northern (colder) areas and just past prime and rain drenched by the time we reached Tokyo. We did come upon many individual trees resplendent in pale pink flower and could only imagine how things would look if the cities and hillsides were at their peak. I chose a repeating pattern background for this piece to call to mind the beautiful papers available in Japan.

Cherry Blossom
Dye-sublimation Print
Aluminum Panel
30″ x 30″

Prints available

30″ x 30″ on aluminum
20″ x 20″ on paper
12″ x 12″ on paper

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Base image for Cherry Blossom

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